Under New Management - New Owners of Gourmet Pet Food

Under New Management - New Owners of Gourmet Pet Food

New owners of Gourmet Pet Food Australia Delivering to Sunshine Coast

Hello everyone!  My name is Peter (I’m the guy in the right) and my business partner is Adrian.  We have recently taken over Gourmet Pet Food Australia from James.  James has done really well taking the baton from the previous owner and he passes us the business in a very healthy state.  We intend to maintain the good work he has done. 

I live my life with my partner Catalina and our two dogs. We have a female French Mastiff cross Great Dane, her name is Maya, and we are fostering a Great Dane and his name Scrappy. So, we have a furry family. I look forward to meeting you all and continuing the great service that James has offered. Hopefully, we will have a very long-term relationship with everyone.

I am Adrian (left of the photo) and I’ve known Peter for over 18 years. While I was not a dog person, my daughter has 2 dogs and they had won me over to the furry side of life. Peter enrolled me into his vision for high quality food for pets creating a better world for everyone and here I am. I intend to expand our nutritious raw dog food range, especially the pet treats, to deliver a variety of joy for our furry friends.

We wish James all the best in his endeavors and wish his family well for the future.

If you see us in the Gourmet Pet Food van, beep the horn and give us a smiling wave! We excited to serve you well and growing our raw food for dogs community on the Sunshine Coast.

Thank you.
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