How does it work?

1. Have a look at our selection of Australian made products for your pup

2. Choose our subsription service for regular fortnighly delivery or you can just order when you need it

3. We make and freeze your pet's meals. Sit back & relax, your dog food will be delivered free of charge (orders over $30). We service Sunshine Coast (Qld) and Brisbane areas.

Start Now on Raw Pet Meals
  • Australian Made & Owned.

    Made in Brisbane and delivering to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

    raw pet food meals 
  • Being apart of A Dogs Life pet expo in 2022 on the Sunshine Coast.

    A celebration for all animal lovers.

  • Playing a part in the community. Bringing Noosa together to help people with disabilities in our communities.

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Our Paw-losophy

Dogs share 99% of their DNA with wolves, they should be sharing a similar diet. Likewise, Cats are decended from lions and tigers.

Your pet has evolved to need nothing more than raw meat, bones, vegetables & fruit

At Gourmet Pet Food Australia (GPFA) that's exactly what they get; no nonsense, no foreign ingredients and no trendy fads. Some of our clients have found they make their pets sick and have come to us for clean nutrition.

We just use premium grade ingredients, fortified with natural ingredients that promote longevity and a healthier life for your best friend.

Sunshine Coast Raw Dog Pet Food Delivery Gourmet Pet Food Australia

About Us!

Gourmet Pet Food Australia's (GPFA) Pre-packaged, Raw diet meals catered to your pet's needs and delivered to you on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.
GPFA has been running for over seven years, faithfully serving the Sunshine Coast area. It is now owned and run by Adrian Pon (left side of the van) of Akcess Consulting Pty Ltd.

Adrian was introduced to dogs by a good friend and was did dog walking. His daughter has 2 dogs who bring joy and wonder to the family.