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3. Sit back & relax, your dog food will be delivered free of charge (orders over $30) and frozen for your convenience. We service Sunshine Coast (Qld) area.

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  • Australian Made & Owned.

    Right here in Coolum Beach, on the Sunshine Coast.

  • Being apart of A Dogs Life pet expo in 2022 on the Sunshine Coast.

    A celebration for all animal lovers.

  • Playing a part in the community. Bringing Noosa together to help people with disabilities in our communities.

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Our Paw-losophy

Dogs share 99% of their DNA with wolves, they should be sharing a similar diet

Your dog has evolved to need nothing more than raw meat, bones, vegetables & fruit

At Gourmet Pet Food Australia (GPFA) that's exactly what they get; no nonsense, no over-priced foreign ingredients and no trendy fads....sorry but you won't be getting dandelion leaves or green tea extract with us!

Just premium grade ingredients, fortified with natural ingredients that promote longevity and a healthier life for your best friend.

Price Change Announcement

Dear customer,

Thank you for supporting this business over the last few years. In particular, with the change of owners recently. We are committed to continuing James's legacy of providing the best value we can, producing and delivering high-quality, healthy food and treats for your furry family members long-term.

To honour our commitment to you and keep our little business alive, we have no choice but to increase our prices from the first of February, 2023. We had dramatic increases in all our costs. For example, our meat suppliers increased prices from 23-38% in the second week after taking over the business. 

Behind the scenes, we have tried to renegotiate with our current local suppliers and created relationships with new ones to do everything we can to keep the increase as low as possible. Like you, our budgets are limited, so we get the price increase impact.

Thank you for your understanding and your continuous support.

Best Regards 


Sunshine Coast Raw Dog Pet Food Delivery Gourmet Pet Food Australia

About Us!

Gourmet Pet Food Australia's (GPFA) Pre-packaged, Raw diet meals catered to your pet's needs and delivered to you on the Sunshine Coast.
GPFA has been running for over six years, faithfully serving the Sunshine Coast area. It is now owned and run by Peter O'Donnell (right side of the van) and Adrian Pon.
Many years ago, Peter had an English Mastiff who had a bad rash. After doing some research, Peter prepared raw food meals that cleared the rash. Many years later, the opportunity to take over Gourmet Pet Food Australia came by, and we grabbed it with both hands.