Portion Guide

Every dog is different and I am always happy to meet with you and your dogs to discuss specific cases/needs but as a general rule of thumb I recommend feeding your dog approximately 2-3% of their body weight daily

2%: Inactive/older dogs or dogs that may need to loose a bit of weight

2.5%: Normal activity/healthy

3%: Very active, outdoor dogs

 5Kg  10Kg  15Kg  20Kg  25Kg  30Kg  35Kg  40Kg
 2%  100g   200g   300g   400g   500g   600g   700g   800g 
 2.5%  125g    250g  375g  500g  625g  750g  850g  1Kg
 3%  150g  300g  450g  600g  750g  900g 1.05Kg 1.2Kg


If you are mixing with Kibble, I would recommend a high quality kibble with no grain and make sure it's Australian owned and made!