Why raw food?

Why raw food?

🍽 Our pets didn't have the luxury of cooking in the wild 🍗

Whilst my daughter's dog Minnie The Rescue Mutt 🐩may have developed a taste for the finer things in life.... I have not let this extend to cooked or processed food. Minnie would not have coped in the wild (at 4.5kg on a fat day and resembling a fluffy rabbit in full flight, she’s easy pickings for birds of prey) HOWEVER her gut and internal makeup still resemble that of her ancestors 🐕

This means that she is built to consume prey animals, including what is in their stomach. Prey animals include things like goats, sheep, deer, even small marsupials - which are traditionally plant eaters, whose gut would contain things like legumes, grasses, vegetables and some fruit. Our omnivore pets - DOGS - are built to consume and digest all those things, with the addition of bones, fur and organs. Yep, it's not pretty - but our dogs today have the same digestive system as their wolf ancestors.

I look forward to introducing more products to Gourmet Pet Food Australia to ensure your little wolf gets the nutrition they need. 

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