To EGG or not to Egg??

To EGG or not to Egg??

I'm frequently asked whether people should feed their pets eggs, and whether cooked or raw??

YES 🥚and RAW! 🍳

Eggs are a great protein boost and contain other goodies like iron, selenium and A and B vitamins. Cooking destroys some of the nutritional value so raw, fresh and free range is best 🐔 1-2 times a week is perfect.

Why do some people say NO to feeding eggs? There is a very low risk of salmonella bacteria (we're talking 1 in 20,000+) which is lowered further if you use fresh, free range eggs. Egg white also contains a small amount of a protein which can inhibit the absorbtion of some B vitamins and biotin. The amount required to cause a deficiency would be significant - so the risk of this being caused by a couple of eggs per week is teeny.

My dogs get eggs twice a week in their feed. How about yours?

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