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BONE BROTH for Dogs and Cats Health

BONE BROTH for Dogs and Cats Health

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Concentrated bone broth gel for your pet's health and longevity.  Support growing bones for young pets or support graceful aging for older pets, Bone broth is as beneficial as it is for humans,  Made from grass fed beef bones that have been simmered in a special process for over 48 hours to release the maximum nutrition.

Use it as a supplement over your pet's raw meal or mix it into their water as a drink.  Some pet parents put it on a spoon or licky mat to ensure direct ingestion.

Helps your Pet

  • May ease arthritis symptoms
  • Improve immunity
  • Increase Bone Density.
  • Improvement in joint health.
  • Increase muscle Development.
  • Proven digestion & gut health benefits.
  • Treat and repair muscle, joint & bone injury.
  • Critical elements for fur, skin & teeth health.
  • Nutrition for the building of young joint, bone & muscles


  • Grass Fed Australian Beef Bone/Cartilage Concentrate - Cooked for over 50 hours  with a proprietary process to aggregate all the nutrition
  • Naturally Evaporated Sea Salt

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